About the Project

The Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion Project (NEWPP) is an expansion of the existing 80 million-gallons-per-day (MGD) plant by 320 MGD through the construction of a new plant (Plant 2) adjacent to the existing facilities. The 320 MGD expansion will be constructed within the property boundaries of the existing 152-acre treatment plant site.

The expansion is being undertaken by the City of Houston in order to provide additional treated water capacity for the City and the four Authorities that will participate in the Project in accordance with the Second Supplement to the Water Supply Contracts between the City and each Authority. The treated water capacity supplied by the Project will help the City and Authorities meet area water demands and the requirements of the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District and Fort Bend Subsidence
District that restrict groundwater usage. Project details include:

  • Design and construction of a new raw water facility, which includes an intake, pumping, and conveyance to withdraw water from Lake Houston and deliver it to the treatment facilities located about 1.5 miles from Lake Houston.
  • Design and construction of new treatment facilities sized to achieve 320 MGD of treated water capacity (i.e., the firm production that can be delivered from the High Service Pump Station(s) to the Project participants).
  • Design and construction of electrical supply facilities including a new electrical substation.


The City’s estimate of probable cost for design and construction of the Project (i.e., Design-Builder’s cost to complete the scope of work) is currently $1.167 Billion.


The design, permitting, construction, and start-up/acceptance testing shall be completed to achieve acceptance (or conditional acceptance) and substantial completion of two capacity milestones as follows:

  • 80 MGD of treated water capacity by August 31, 2021
  • 240 MGD of additional treated water capacity by June 30, 2024